Current trends in the legal market dictate the rules governing not only how applicants compete for a job in the law firm of their choice, but also how employers “fight” over candidates.

A law firm’s partners and associates represent its “face” in the legal market and, accordingly, enable it to promote a positive image of itself among clients. An employee’s professional expertise, competence and skills determine the firm’s business development and performance.

To identify the most attractive employers in the Ukrainian legal market, we annually conduct a research entitled “Law Firm HR Brand: Legal Talent Development”.

Which law firm can offer its employees an opportunity to fully achieve their professional ambitions? What are the key factors determining the choice of employer? What is the motivation of owner partners? What does the employer expect from its employees? What are the basic principles governing career growth and legal talent development? What is the remuneration? What are the employer’s brand awareness and relevance? What are the key factors positively affecting the employer’s attractiveness? Which factors negatively affect the employer’s attractiveness? What are the employees’ career expectations? Which firms are the least attractive employers? Which firms are the best “legal talent foundries”?