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Synergy with clients directly impacts law firm revenue. According to Harvard Law School Research, legal fees increase in 5,7 times if 3 legal teams involved in client communication. In case number of teams is 5, revenue surges in 17,6 times.

To make it happen, you need the complex approach to client care and communication. We offer either an entire Client Care Program for your law firm or one of its products, i.e. (i) clients portfolio audit, (ii) guidance to effective legal ranking submission, (iii) client satisfaction surveys.

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Timely and regular audit of your services quality and bridge communication with clients is always on the top of partners agenda. On the one hand, clients tend to avoid telling the truth on current relationships directly. On the other hand, no feedback or formal questionnaires are rather ruining bonds with clients.

Our involvement as an independent third party allows you to get an honest clients' feedback. To strengthen your relationships we design a unique set of questions to give you both valuable insights and understanding of clients' current needs.

Find-outs of 45-minute interviews present you important hints to keep your relations safe and sound.
Recognition by Legal Rankings is one of the most important tools for law firm to track the progress and professional success. It is not about partner's egos, instead it is a solid indicator of trustful relations and win-win communication with your clients.

We guide your marketing team toward in-depth understanding of successful submission process in a nutshell. We share useful insights and practical tips to increase effectiveness of this process up to 500%. We help you to get your own submission roadmap smooth and easy.

It takes only 1,5 hours session with your marketing team to forget about nightmare and last-night submissions.
In-depth analysis of your clients' portfolio gives you clear understanding of its potential and your financial perspectives. This business process benchmarks today's sustainability and tomorrow's
opportunities for your practice.

We offer comprehensive evaluation of your clientele through three touchstones, i.e. legal fees, value & volume of work and business development perspectives. We guide partners and practice heads to step out of their daily routine in order to get a fresh and honest look on their current clients base.

You invest up to 3 hours of your time to sync your efforts with clients BD potential to boost your competitive advantage in terms of financial earnings, market recognition, and your team's vital energy.
Enjoy the benefits to work with us:
2000+ pages
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Templates, manuals, checklists, roadmaps, algorithms, etc.
3 x 20 years
Vast Experience
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Long-term trusted advisors
Tailored Solutions
Zero similar solutions!
Excellent fit of best practices to your specific needs
Value for Money
Pay once. Get smooth business processes and sustainable results
Top-tier law firms do trust their client care relations to us
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    Law Firm Marketing Expert
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    Law Firm Team Engagement Expert
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